5 Questions to ask when buying a dialer:

Beware of older (vastly inferior and limited) dialers.

  1. Ask if your agents be able to dial from any location where the dialer is not physically located.
    In other words, if the dialer is located in the office can the agent’s login and dial from home?
    If not, don’t buy the dialer, unless you want old technology and limited access for the agents, and limitated ability to administer of the dialer and or managing the dialer
    The salesman needs to answer that question with clarity and confidence. 
  1. Can the owner or room manager manage every single aspect of the system from any remote location (not just from within the office where the dialer is physically located)
    If not, don’t buy, unless you want technology from the 1990’s 
  1. Are there any limitations to Lines to Agent Ratio?
    You can phrase the question as, “What is the maximum number of lines or channels per agent”?
    If it is limited or locked, then you will most likely nor be able to get the most from your list and your agents will experience high wait times between calls (i.e. calls coming in too slow). 
  1. Does the dialer have built in, easy to manage recording capabilities, with the option to “force” recordings or allow your agents to start and stop recording at will?
    If not then don’t buy the dialer because that technology is pre 1980s. 
  1. Is the dialer a “VoIP” only dialer, a “Digital Only” dialer or a “VoIP and Digital” dialer?
    If “Digital Only”, the dialer will cost more and will be difficult to scale (scaling is the ability to add users at will, without having to purchase new hardware and order additional T1 lines) 

NOTE: If the salesman or pre-sales support tells you that you will need a converter or transformer of any kind to make the dialer work correctly, then you probably should not buy the dialer.

Hosting (not buying the dialer), is a huge savings on the front-end of getting a call-center up and running.  You can get a good idea of how a dialer will work for your business model without going broke.  Ex: For a startup fee of $300.00, plus a per seat cost of $150.00 or lower, per month.  You can be up and running within 24 to 48 hours. All you will need is a USB Headset, we recommend and sell the “Plantronics Blackwire 320”


Blackwire 320 Headset

The “Plantronics Blackwire 320” headset is $50.00 dollars plus $5.00 dollars forto cover shipping.

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