What is a Blended Call Center? How will it benefit your business?

Most enterprise-level call centers have separate teams handling outbound and inbound calls. Smaller call centers, on the other hand, have limited staff and so their agents handle both outbound and inbound calls.

Find out if your business will benefit more from a Blended Call Center.

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Are More Calls Better?

If more calls means more leads and more sales for your business then great!

Sales is not about just making calls—it’s about making conversations that count. Meaningful sales conversations.

Look into the quality of the calls.

And the quantity of the calls as well.

Strike a balance between the number of calls and quality of calls.

More conversations means more appointments, more sales, more commissions, more money coming in. You see where this is going?

Sales is a numbers game, always has been.

SCAM calls and how it is hurting businesses

The alarming increase of scam calls to mobile phones over the years has prompted carriers and third parties to create apps and tools that would allow the user to identify and even block scam calls. Unfortunately, this is not without flaws. 


Many legit businesses that use telemarketers to reach out to customers have been incorrectly marked as ‘scam calls’. When this happens, it can significantly hurt legit businesses and can cause them to lose customers. 

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Are there ways to avoid being marked as a ‘SCAM LIKELY’ Caller?

So what can businesses do? Are there ways to avoid being marked as a ‘Scam Likely’ caller?

Yes, Follow our Top 5 Best Dialing Practices

  • Call responsibly. Don’t call the same lead 10 times a day. 
  • Don’t hang up on people if you’re running a dialer. Maintain a < 3% drop rate
  • Make sure people can reach you if they call back. 
  • Register your number with the major caller ID reputation registries.
  • Buy multiple CIDs and rotate them. 


Find out which one will work best for your campaign. Get in touch with us.


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